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Satisfied Customers

I began receiving massage from Kathleen Terry while she was still a student. The first massage I received was as an instructor/preceptor. This is a graduate/professional therapist who allows students to massage him or her and in turn critiques the students and reports their progress to the technique instructor.

I found Kathleen to be not only an excellent massage therapist, but also a woman of outstanding moral character, with a deep concern for the welfare of her client.

I now “trade” massage with Kathleen on a regular basis not only for her quality massage, but also because of her dependability and integrity. I am a sixty-eight-year-old massage therapist who knows the value of quality massage as a benefit of keeping me on the job for my clients, and Kathleen more than meets that requirement.

– J.B. Carpenter, RMT,CNMT

Kathleen Terry gives the best massage I have ever had. I feel so relaxed and also stimulated by her healing hands.

– Marjorie Saul

I fell in love with Kathleen’s hands when she gave me a free massage while she was a student. She worked for me, my family, and my friends throughout the rest of her training for tips and is still THE BEST therapist I have come across. She has fixed several unusual problems for me when chiropractors and acupuncturists couldn’t. I highly recommend a massage by Kathleen!

– Genelle Collins

I can vouch for Kathleen Terry’s excellence in massage therapy. Last year, I was in terrific leg and back pain. I had been to an MD, a chiropractor, even several sessions with an acupuncturist. Finally, I called on Kathleen — by the time she had finished the massage, the pain was COMPLETELY gone! When it returned, she returned… and the results were even better and longer lasting. Her knowledge of muscle structure is excellent, and her touch is very gentle and thorough. I highly recommend her.

– Wanda Blackwood